I'mmm Baaackk!

Well, we are back from our trip to New Orleans with Staush! It was so great to visit with him, and we were all sad to see him leave... *tear* Anyways, we picked him up in New Orleans, and spent three days there. Then we came home, and went swimming, fishing, and all that good stuff. :) And a week later we drove him to Dallas, where we  walked around inside Cabelas for a few hours, went out to eat, and then dropped him off at the airport. So here are the pictures from our week... I hope you enjoy them! :)

A building outside of the park

What a cheesy guy... ;)


Statue of Andrew Jackson
Justice and I

Mom and I thought this sign was cute :)

There are lots of cool apartment buildings here

Staush, Justice, Me, and the Mississippi!

The Holocaust Memorial

Dad and I
View from our Hotel window

Justice holdin' Mistuh Alligatuh

Now Staush holdin' Mistuh Alligatuh

On the swamp tour

Staush shooting the BB gun

At the lake

Purdyness :D

 So, that's basically it! We all had fun, at least until Staush went home. But hey! It was worth it! :) Have a happy week you guys and gals! :D



Creamy goodness!

I need ice cream!