Just peachy

Peach picking this year was such a great time with the family! (even though it was like 105 degrees out there) It was a day long trip we took to May, Texas... Let me tell you they have some pretty awesome landscape. And if it wasn't for the fact that we were speeding by it at seventy miles per hour, there would be pictures to prove it. :) So, I hope you enjoy the one that I did get. Have a great week!

p.s. I have a huge surprise, but I can't tell you what it is yet! Patience is a virtue my friends... *hah hah!*


Summer awaits...

Every year good ol' summer comes around. The pools come up, and the flip flops are broken out. I don't know how you feel, but summer is just awesome.

 Popsicle making, blueberry picking, lemon squeezing, flower planting, cross stitch attempting, bible and novel reading, piano learning, and bubble blowing. What does your summer hold?

p.s. Please check out my other blog Time of Singing, where I'll be posting giveaway updates and a few other things you might enjoy. :)
p.p.s. Congrats to all of the giveaway winners!



 Well the time has come to tell you guys the lucky winners of my 3 year blogoversary giveaway! Isn't this exciting?! If I could have entered, I totally would have. (and I probably would have made myself win too, just kidding) So I know that you are all impatient, and are skipping this paragraph to go see if you won, then coming back and reading this. ;) Ha, I got ya.

So without further ado, may I please have a drumroll?

The winner of the Beach Plum Shaped Sugar soaps from Fairy Bubbles is
Susan Dixon!

The winner of the Mum Chrysanthemum earrings (you choose the color) from Silver Lotus Designs is
Lyssa Bell!

The winner of the Vintage Woven Fabric Necklace (you choose the color) from Nanoukiko is
Jenna K.!

The winner of the White Ceramic Heart Bowl from JD Wolfe Pottery Designs is


The winner of the 3 Bow hair elastics (you choose the colors) from Nanoutriko is

I will forward the winners names and emails to the shop owners, and they will contact you directly. Congrats and thank you guys so much for making my blogoversary more exciting! :)