First customers

Hello again! It kindof seems that all I have been posting about lately is blog header design... Sorry, but I am so excited about it! :) I have had two customers so far, and they were both very easy to work with! I had so much fun looking for cute pictures, and putting things together. :) Here are the headers!

Kelsye over at Dedicated Daughter!

And Bridget over at Being Bridget!

My mother also wanted me to show you the header that I made for her blog...

If you want a header, please go to the "Header Design" page at the top. :) I think I will show you all of the designs I have done at the end of each month, that way I'm not posting about headers all the time... :)


Happy friday

Hello everyone! :) My aunt- who blogs over at Everyday Me - hosts a linky every friday. So, in honor of friday and my dear sweet Auntie Michelle, I will join her in happiness...

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  I hope your week was filled with some unforgettable HAPPY THINGS... and you'll join in with your 10 everyday happy list... plus the creative happy thing you made this week... it can be anything...  a scrapbook layout... a card... something you've baked... sewed... or painted... anything you've created that made you happy...

Here's how to play... you have all week to link up your creation & list... do both or just one... Be sure to do a direct link... Link back to my Aunt's blog... and add the 10 Happy Things button (above), so others can play along too!!
It's a wonderful way to share HAPPY with others!!

Here is my happy list:
1. Snuggling under my covers while I stay up late reading.
2. Going to the local consignment store to dig up little treasures... :)
3. Drawing on big *or little* pieces of scratch paper.
4. Making blog headers! Do you want one? :D
5. Going to youth group
6. Watching "The Next Food Network Star" (I really hope Aarti wins!!)
7. Writing letters to old friends who I want to get back in touch with.
8. Publishing comments. (Hey blogger friends, the comments have been a little slow coming in lately! ;)
9. Taking photographs of all the lovely flowers around our house. *snap*
10. Walking in from outside and getting blasted with nice cool air. (Our house turns into a freezer come summer) :D

And now for my favorite creation this week;
Here are other links to headers that I have made;
Shabbat Shalom!



How do you like my new header? Do you want one of your own? ;)


New Business?

I have been feeling crafty lately. And I have also been making headers for a couple of blogs. So I thought, "Why not start making blog headers for free?!" Here are some of the headers I have made, how do you like them?

So tell me, is this a good idea? Which one is your favorite? Do you like the headers I have made? Would you want one? Please leave your thoughts! :)


More pictures

I was out taking more pictures today, and decided to come back from my break and share them with you. :)








How do you like them? Please tell me which is your favorite! ;) I love hearing your feedback!! :)
And here is a video by Shelashles Junior that I found, I really like it, how about you? ;)

Well, time to skedaddle! =P
One more thing before you leave! Please go over to my other blog Under My Umbrella and tell me if you like the header I made... ;) That's all, I promise!