See ya latuh!

Well, my family and I are going out of town for a week, so I won't be able to post during that time. And then, my older brother is coming to visit us from California, (we live in Texas) for a week or so. Anyways, hopefully I will take enough pictures over the next couple of weeks and show you what we've been doing! :) Have a great week! :D

♥ you guys!


Sabbath Peace

I hope you Shabbat is going well! I am especially tired this Shabbat... I have been an assistant this week during VBS, and today was the last day, so we spent about six hours tearing down everything, and then I had to come home and clean the house still! But during the whole day, I have had a certain song stuck in my head. It was one that the kids learned motions to at VBS, and here is the video they watched...

And here is another version by Jeremy Camp... (The intro is 0:37 seconds long:)

And here is another song that the kids learned. I learned it when I was a little girl, but it is still one of my favorites! :)

Shabbat Shalom! :) <3


An update for you

Hello again, and sorry for not being better at posting! :P I didn't expect my summer to be this busy, so here is a quick update on my life...

My little brother and I received scholarships to attend an Art Camp. So, we were bringing home our paintings, and subtraction sculptures all week. :) I am also working at the Christian library here since the selection of books is so much better than that of our public library. Everything is blood, gore, and witchcraft nowadays. I find it so sad that some parents let their children read such garbage. :'(
On a happier note, I have been helping out with the VBS at the Baptist church. Today is only the second day, but it is very fun playing around with the kids. :)
For Shavuot, YHVH provided a way for our family to go to Michael Rood's Shavuot Conference near Dallas. And I was so happy to hear that my older brother Staush might be coming to visit us next month for a couple of weeks. It is not definite yet, but I will be so happy to see him again. (It has almost been three years!)
Well, hopefully I will have pictures to show you next time I post, but for now, unfortunately I have none to share. :( That is my update! Have a great week, and please share your thoughts with me! :) <3


I would like to wish you....

.....A wonderful Sabbath!! :) I hope and pray that you and your family are blessed beyond comprehension this Sabbath. :) 


Your eyes...

"Your eyes" is played by a band called Teshuva, which in Hebrew means, Return... I really like this song... Can't stop playing it! ;) Shabbat Shalom everyone! ♥


Daffodil flower tutorial

Okie dokie! Here is the first tutorial of summer...! ;)

I have been trying to make my bedroom a little more cozy... And when I found this craft on Martha Stewart's website, I thought, "Why not try it?" So, here are the materials you will need to make this craft...

This flower template that I found here.

Pretty decorative paper. (I used scrapbooking paper.)


Clothes pins
 So, this one is pretty easy... All you have to do is, trace around the template onto your decorative paper, cut it out, and hang it up on a piece of yarn with clothespins! Pretty easy, huh?! ;) Here is the finished product!

Annnnnd........ Here is what you can look forward to cleaning up afterwards! Unless of course you did it into a trash can.... But I can't do that, I'm Polish! ;)
Hope you like this tutorial! <3


Dear, sweet Buddy...

Well hello again! It has been a little while since I posted last, but now that summer is here, I plan to change that! I would like to start posting tutorials, and a few other new things... But I can't tell you what they are now! That would ruin the surprise! ;) So, would you like a tutorial every so often as they pop into my head? If there is anything else that you would like me to start posting about, or see more of, whatever it may be, please email me at autumn.bouquet@yahoo.com. I would greatly appreciate it!

On another note, I would like to share with you a saying. It was found on a prison wall of a concentration camp...

"I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining. I believe in love, even when I do not feel it. I believe in God, even when he is silent."

I think that is beautiful! Do you agree?

So, for my first summer post, I will show you a picture of my adorable Tibetan Spaniel, Buddy. He was about two years old when my dad brought him from an abusive home, (for free!)... He needed a bath and some fattening up when we first saw him, but other than that, it was love at first sight! Even my mother (who never wanted to have an indoor dog again) thought he was just the cutest! He is almost four now, and still as playful as ever... Here is my Buddy...
Please share your thoughts! ;)