Hello, it is truly a pleasure to have you drop in! Now, this is the "about me" page, is it not? So, I shall tell you a bit about myself....

My name is Autumn Rose. I am a 16 year old home schooled girl, who has brown hair, brown eyes, wears glasses, and has olive skin. My family's heritage is Polish, Dutch, English, and Portuguese. I have lived in four different states, and currently reside somewhere in the West of Texas. I have two wonderful parents, who both have blogs in case you'd like to check them out... (mom's, dad's) I also have two brothers, one older named Staush (like Josh but drop the J and put St in its place), and my younger brother Justice. And who could forget our one-eyed dog Buddy? ;)

These are a few of my favorite things... (humming along to this song)

My Heavenly Father and His Son, the Scriptures, besties, photography, baking, music, playing the guitar and the piano, painting fingers and toes, cloud gazing, tanning in the summer, sweets, lip balm, dresses, sequins, the color emerald, high heels, Pinterest, lace, curly hair, gray eyes, tribal prints, vintage things, smiling faces, doughnuts, rosy cheeks, picnics, purple pens, flowers, braids, porch swings, warm old quilts, the sweet smell after a long rain, lemonade, food, man-sized cheeseburgers (and an extra order of fries), mayonnaise, iPods, traveling, long talks, sleepovers, working out, my bed, umbrellas, the spring season, family camping trips, BBQ's, watching old movies, and tea to name a few. :)

 Well, I think that's about it! If you'd ever like to ask me a question, share an idea, tell me your struggles, are in need of prayer, or you just wanna' have someone to talk to, please feel more than welcome to email me :)