An update for you

Hello again, and sorry for not being better at posting! :P I didn't expect my summer to be this busy, so here is a quick update on my life...

My little brother and I received scholarships to attend an Art Camp. So, we were bringing home our paintings, and subtraction sculptures all week. :) I am also working at the Christian library here since the selection of books is so much better than that of our public library. Everything is blood, gore, and witchcraft nowadays. I find it so sad that some parents let their children read such garbage. :'(
On a happier note, I have been helping out with the VBS at the Baptist church. Today is only the second day, but it is very fun playing around with the kids. :)
For Shavuot, YHVH provided a way for our family to go to Michael Rood's Shavuot Conference near Dallas. And I was so happy to hear that my older brother Staush might be coming to visit us next month for a couple of weeks. It is not definite yet, but I will be so happy to see him again. (It has almost been three years!)
Well, hopefully I will have pictures to show you next time I post, but for now, unfortunately I have none to share. :( That is my update! Have a great week, and please share your thoughts with me! :) <3


  1. Wowz! You are pretty busy! Yeah, the books in libraries nowadays are no good :( It's saddening! I'm writing a book and I hope that it will be an inspiration and an encouragement to whoever needs it... Hope you have a great week!! :D

  2. Heys!

    So glad to you're doing well. :-) I've been busy with some projects--both personal and for SOH.

    I hope you have a marvelous evening, dear!


  3. wow sounds like you're having not only a great summer... but a full one... can't wait to see what artwork you do at the camp... enjoy!!!! Miss you, and the family bunches... {{hugs2all}} auntie

  4. p.s. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header... and sides... the colors are so fun... the photos are fab... and the antique-ish look is wow... super fab... LOVE IT!!! Great job!!! {{hugs}} auntie