First customers

Hello again! It kindof seems that all I have been posting about lately is blog header design... Sorry, but I am so excited about it! :) I have had two customers so far, and they were both very easy to work with! I had so much fun looking for cute pictures, and putting things together. :) Here are the headers!

Kelsye over at Dedicated Daughter!

And Bridget over at Being Bridget!

My mother also wanted me to show you the header that I made for her blog...

If you want a header, please go to the "Header Design" page at the top. :) I think I will show you all of the designs I have done at the end of each month, that way I'm not posting about headers all the time... :)


  1. Hi Autumn, Those blog headers are really cool. Did you take the pictures for them, or just pick them out, because they fit really well?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Autumn,
    You are doing a great job! Keep up the lovely work!

  3. @Ruby...

    No, I didn't take the pictures... I just looked for uncopywritten pictures on photobucket. There are a lot of good photos there! :) Thanks for asking!

  4. wonderful headers.... love the new designs... so talented!!! {{love & hugs}} auntie!!

  5. Anonymous1/7/11