I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't fall off the face of the earth... :) I know that I haven't posted anything for a while, but I have been so busy around here, it's getting a little chaotic. So, I just want to run you through some changes that I will be making to this blog...

At the beginning of Feb. I started making a new blog, called Seasons of My Heart, but now I have decided that I will just keep this one and make a bunch of changes to it... Such as, new design, new buttons, new everything! I want to start fresh. (By the way Rosi, please don't think that I don't like the buttons you made for me, because I do, and think they are gorgeous!!) :D In a nut shell, I feel bored with this blog, so I want to really make some changes to it. :)

I also want to let you know that Miss Rachel from Peculiar Treasures has gotten her magazine Tehila up and running! :D She has done a marvelous job with everything! And I encourage you to follow her website... :)

And HAPPY PURIM!! If you would like to read my article about purim (it's on Tehila) just click here.

So, without further ado, I would like to wish you and your family a blessed Sabbath and get started with my new blog stuff. See ya soon! :)


  1. Cool! I just found your blog, so I don't know if you've made the changes you were talking about yet, but it looks really great!

  2. no, i haven't made all of the changes i want to yet, but im slowly getting there... :D thanks for following me, julia!! have a great day!


  3. Ok I just found out who your mom was...man I am slow some years...I have been waiting for Tehila to be up. Great post by the way!

  4. Don't worry about it Autumn! I don't mind, and am looking forward to the new site!

  5. can't wait to see what you're going to do.... {{hugs}} auntie