Well, I am back! My family traveled to Eminence Missouri for Sukkot, and had an awesome time! Now, I must apologize ahead of time for the lack of pictures, I was having too much fun to be bothered with a camera. So, though I regret to say it, I only have a couple of pictures to share. But! My friend Jenna, who was there in Eminence too, took loads and loads of pictures so just click here to look at all the lovely things we did. :) Here are the pictures I did get though. ;)

Worshiping in the Railtree Lodge

Ian Michaels! Sorry about the blurry picture!

Ian Michaels! (again (: )

Eliyah during the teaching

Eliyah blowin' on his shofar :)

Erica playing Amazing Grace on the violin

She sis an awesome job by the way! :D

On the way to the campground was very hilly!

Justice's friend Emma with her cute dimples :)

Dad and Justice hanging out in the Iron Stake Lodge (It was cold that day!)

In case you were wondering that lovely lady that I am holding is named Rose. ;)
I hope your Sukkot was as awesome as mine! Where did you go this year? :) Shalom you guys! ♥



  1. Awesome! =D It went quick, didn't it? I already miss everyone! :( But oh well, at least we had fun, right? =D

  2. Yeah it did go too quickly for my liking, but there's always next year! :) And yes, we did have fun. Lots of it! ♥

  3. It's nice to have read your writings again. Looks like you had a blessed trip.

  4. Hi, Autumn!
    I just wanted to say, How blessed my family and I were able to meet the people we met! And yes, it did go by fast; by the time we met everyone, the feast was over! So now we have to wait another whole year. It was extremely fun! Blessing, AbbiYah.

    P.S. The thing I was telling you at the swing, you know; about the Jews and Adolph Hitler. The movie I watch on that was titled, '180' Just wanted to let you know that. And visit my blog, I have a new post you might want to check.

  5. Looks like a blessed time for you and your family! We missed you but are so thankful you had a memorable Sukkot. Love you all!