iMo Camera Strap Review

It is my personal opinion that every photographer, (be you amateur, or professional) should always be accompanied by an awesome camera strap. And I think that is just what I received when the lovely people of iMo agreed to let me do a review on one of theirs. They were very helpful, and extremely friendly. :)
So I chose the Navajo camera strap, and I am in love with it. The pattern, the comfort, the ease of use. Let's just say that I am a happy camper. Aah, it so perfect!

This camera strap is comfy, no matter how heavy my lens gets to be. I get compliments on it whenever I bring it out, and questions of where I got it. To which I reply iMo Camera Shop!

Thank you iMo shop for providing this product to review! All thoughts & above ^^ photos are mine.

These are a couple of my other favorites from their shop...


  1. Those Camera straps are amazing!! :)
    I could deffinantly see one of those straps making other photographers envious!! lol! :P

  2. nice strap camera, cool and vintage
    thank you :)