Hey there everybody, yes I am still alive. (: I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on whats happening...

Hopefully next week we will be able to go on our yearly camping trip. My camera and I have been out shooting lots of things. Fall is here!! Our friends just had a baby girl. :) I am going to attempt to make my first vlog, thanks for the inspiration Abby! A real post is coming soon. And this made me happy. :)

Here is a glimpse of whats to come!


  1. Hello Autumn,

    I look forward to seeing you write here again and to watch that vlog that is to come! That sun flare in the second photo is amazing!!!

  2. oh I am so excited for the vlog. they are the best!

  3. I think that is Mexican Heather in your first picture. A lovely plant. I had a couple, but they do not like the cold! Your pictures are all lovely ~