something called sukkot (one)

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? 
Be prepared, I definitely have more than one. (:

For Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) we traveled to Tennessee, and we had an amazing time! It is so beautiful there, I almost didn't want to come home. I met so many wonderful people, and I really truly miss them. A lot.

Now we are in fall. Yes, I am standing there with the rest of you, wondering how on earth it is almost November. Almost winter. Geez louise.

I know this post was a long time in coming... But you know how you've been gone from your blog for awhile, and you just don't know how to come back without apologizing all over the place? Yeah. There is my predicament.

Anyways, now that I have some great inspiration, I'll hopefully be posting more. I'm still working up the courage to make the promised vlog, I also have two photoshoots to share with you! They were so much fun to do!

More pictures to come :)


  1. Okay, so I just wanted to ask you about Sukkot....we just celebrated our first one! It was so exciting, can I ask you why or how you came to celebrate it?

    1. Congrats on your first Sukkot!
      Let's see, we first started keeping Sukkot when I was about eight or nine. My mom went to a Messianic congregation one Shabbat, and she loved it. So she and my dad started searching out the scriptures. And well, here we are! Since then we have always gone camping come Sukkot, and I must say... I look forward to it all year long. (: Thanks for the question!

  2. Thank you for the answer! We have just begun to find our roots through all this, this year. It's been an amazing journey and a rough one at times. Do you ever listen to Jim Staley at Passion for Truth Ministries? That's what we do right now because we don't have a congregation to meet with.

    1. No problem (: Yes, it can be a very rough journey. But the Father will lead us where we need to go, you can always be sure of that.
      We don't really listen to Passion for Truth, but there are many other places that we do know of, such as YAH Tube. Here is the link: http://www.yah-tube.com/videos/index.html
      My family didn't have a congregation to meet with for about three years, we did listen to a lot of online things. They should be used with a little moderation though, Scripture is always there waiting for us. :)

  3. Oooh! Can't wait for more pictures! I love these! Glad to know you all had a blessed Sukkot! :)

  4. Love your photography!