A Young Maiden's Daybook- Part 9

I haven't been participating in this lately, due to lack of time... But hopefully since our schedule is now somewhat straitened out I will try to be more on top of things. {gee, i wonder how long that will last! lol... : D} Anyways:
 Today… Yom Sheini, (Nov 22, 2010)

Outside my window…The sun is coming up, and it's shining in my eyes... {which makes it very hard to type by the way.}

I am thinking… About starting to cover my hair... Hmmm.

I am thankful for… A warm house when it is really cold. *happy sigh*

I am wearing… My pj's...

I am reading… "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Otto H. Frank

I am creating… Ummm, let me think... *scratches head* I have absolutely no idea! lol...: )

One of my favorite things… Finding new comments to be published when I check my blog... 
{hint, hint} : )

For education this week… We are learning the rest of the "Avinu Prayer"

A keeper at home skill I am still using/learning … How to do a load of laundry without accidentally letting a red sock slip in there. {which of course means that we have pink socks and underwear.}

A spiritual lesson I’m learning… Modesty {and head coverings}

A godly character trait I plan to work on… Joy

Scripture I am memorizing...
"Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying."
Romans 12:12

I am praying for… YHWH's guidance through my life.

For the rest of the week… School, cooking, cleaning, reading, and other little tasks.

A picture I’d like to share…
 {a picture of me trying to figure out how to tie a tichel... how did i do?}
thanks for reading! <3
{p.s.- how do you like my new background?}


  1. Lovely job on the tichel tying, Autumn! Thank you for the verse (Romans 12:12). A very beautiful reminder to rely on YHWH. :)

    May YHWH bless you,

  2. Hi Autumn,

    Great job on the tichel tying!! I love your new background!


  3. Veronica22/11/10

    Hi, I like the head covering, it looks nice on you:) We have been meeting with a group on Shabbat where the girls and women cover. They do it all the time. My girls do it on the Sabbath. It does show the world that we are different and that we are modest. I am not sure at what age a girl should start to cover all of the time. Maybe just as the Holy Spirit leads?
    Have a nice Thanksgiving.
    Shalom, Veronica, Say Hi to your family for me.

  4. thanks veronica!! we sure do miss you guys, and wish we could come visit soon... happy thanksgiving to you too!! shalom... : )


  5. Looks really cute! Thanks for subbing.