FF Challenge: Day 6

Does this skirt make me look short?
Here is my Feelin' Feminine outfit for day six.

Outfit Spec's:
White Sweater- "Forever 21" {finally something that's not from Goodwill, lol}
Red skirt- Goodwill =D

By the way, on Yom Shishi {fr-day} there will be a surprise post! So, check back on Yom Shishi!
{And I'm terribly sorry for the poor quality pictures!}


  1. SO cute! (: I can't wear long shirts with my skirts because of my body type...xD I end up looking like a stick!

    But you look gorgeous. (: Again, I love the skirt!

  2. lovely, just lovely!!! btw... all day yesterday I was going to send you an ecard... but got distracted... I'm sorry... I hope you had a wonderful birthday... I'll be sending something in the mail for you!!! love you bunches and bunches... Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!
    {{hugs}}auntie, Rainee and uncle Steve!!!