Another Book Review

I have been doing alot of reading lately, and find that books by Janette Oke, are wholesome and have complete focus on Elohim. {Of course in her books, she uses God and Jesus... But I'm okay with that.} They are all stories of women who have either lost their relationship with Elohim and are trying to gain it back. Or women who don't believe in Him at all and by the end of the story learn to follow Him with all their heart.

Here are just a few of her titles that I have read recently...

Can you give me the titles of any books that you enjoy? I would much appreciate it! I highly recommend her books, because I am a...


  1. Autumn, if you love to read, I found a site called Booksneeze (its a blue button, you can find it on my sidebar) and they have great books all you have to do is a review on your blog, I don't know if that is something you would be interested in, just thought I would throw it iut there! :)

  2. thanks rosi, i'll check it out with my mom after school today!! it looks like a great site... ;)


  3. I really like Janette Oke books:) I did find a problem with The Calling of Emily Evans though. In it Emily is sent out as a missionary ( I have nothing against female missionary's:)) but she is also a preacher. Since the bible talks against woman preachers pretty harshly I really couldn't get into the story all that well. :)


  4. they look good... wish I had time to read... enjoy!!! {{hugs}} auntie

  5. ALOF Books are great if you are into a bit of history! :D