Tichels I am fond of... : )

Recently, I have been browsing for Tichel styles that I like. First, let me just say that I'm still not sure whether or not I'm going to start covering full-time. {I can't seem to make them not slip off.} ;) I still have to pray about that and work it out with YHWH. So here are some pictures of different varieties of Tichels that I'm interested in.

Does anyone know how I can keep them from slipping? I would love to hear your advice!! ; ) Thank you... Also, which picture is your favorite?

<3 & Blessings,


  1. Anonymous23/12/10

    I personally don't use tichels but I opened up a headcovering shop, I'd love for you to check it out and tell me what you think! Here is the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/HonorYourHead

  2. Try using snap clips---or bobby pins--but the snap clips are my favorites because they hold well and come in all sorts of colors so you can usually find them to match any covering you might be wearing.
    Also try putting the cover over the top portion of your ears--not behind them--it helps, but without the clips, you'll still experience some slipping.
    The tichels you have picked are very pretty. :-)

  3. @Rosi: The things in your Etsy shop are so cute! Once I collect some funds, I'll be sure to ask my parents about purchasing! Thank you for the link... ;)

    <3 & Blessing,

  4. Lovely tichels, Autumn! I personally like the 3rd tichel best. But they're all pretty. :-) My mom wrote up a post about how to keep coverings from slipping if you're interested. :-)



  5. There are a few ways, one way is to use the metal clips but I personally didn't like the look of them, I felt it took away from the beauty of the
    techels... but it's not about the Tichel it's about covering right :-)

    the second way to prevent slipping is to purchase an under scarf in cotton you can find them here: http://www.starscarves.com/smunsc.html

    and the last way is to make a cotton headband. I bought a cotton bandanna at hobby lobby for $1.99 it worked just fine, fold it up on the diagonal and tie it in back then put on your Tichel on, did the job for me ;-D

  6. thanks ladies, for all of the wonderful tips!! :)

  7. The 3rd is my favorite as well! :D I love wearing my scarves (aka: makeshift tichels lol(: ) in that style because it is modest and keeps all your hair and material out of your face! I wear it this way before Shabbat when I'm cleaning the house and cooking!

    And I've found that hair clips and bobby pins work well!

  8. My headcoverings never stayed on right and I don't like metal clips at all. I started wearing a headband with elastic and tucking the front of my headcovering under it. Since then, no problems at all.
    Shalom my little sister,
    ms. tammy

  9. Nice post. We sell an item specifically designed to keep tichels from slipping called the WiGrip Comfort Band. You can see the item here:

    and when you visit, be sure to check out our big selection of headcoverings like head scarves and pre-tied bandanas!!