Wishing you all a sweet Sabbath! How does your family celebrate Shabbat? :D



  1. Shabbat Shalom Autumn, as I told you my family and I are not Jewish but we attend a Jewish church its called Beth Adoni (House of the Lord) we all enjoy it. My entire family can't wait for Hanukkah this year its coming up in December!!! But anyways we celebrate Shabbat in a very fun delicious way first my mom will make an apple pie and then we will eat it and talk. When the Sabbath comes the next day we will get up and go to church and when service is complete we will talk about what we think the Rabbi was saying in today's message once we are finish we will spend the rest of the day playing and relaxing and enjoying this beautiful day!! SHABBAT SHALOM!!!!

  2. Thanks Jenifer! :) That sounds like a lot of fun! MY family used to go to a Messianic congregation a few years ago, we always had a lot of fun talking and playing with our friends. Shabbat Shalom to you too! :D ♥

  3. Shabbat Shalom Miss Autumn! :D May you have a blessed Shabbat!!!!