T-shirt Refashion

So I was looking at some old clothes the other day, and thought, "Why not make a cute pillow out of one of my  shirts?" So, I decided to make a cute pillow out of one of my shirts! (Do you like my repetitiveness?) So here is the process I went through! ♥

The shirt before I cut it up. :)
I pinned the bottom.

And sewed it up.
After I sewed the top seam, I filled it with this stuff. (Works great by the way!)
And here is the finished product! I just love the pocket! :) Happy sewing! ♥
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  1. Nice pillow. That's a good idea. With some of my old shirts I plan to make some hair accessories.

  2. Oh... this is a great idea and something I would like to try. I love the fact that the pillow has a pocket.

    Kianna Rose

  3. Thank you Ali and Kianna! (The pocket is my favorite part too!) ♥

  4. I love it! Great idea!

  5. Anonymous7/9/11

    Autumn, the winner of the giveaway I hosted did not respond and the new winner IS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    check out Mrs. Amy post. :D :D :D :D :D

  6. Oh, WOW! Thanks for the heads up!! :) *excited squeal!* ♥

  7. Anonymous8/9/11

    OH Autumn I love that pillow especially the POCKET!!! I enjoy sewing too I have some old clothes to I think I might a bag and a MODEST skirt. I love your blog soooooo much. G-D Bless

    Love, Jenifer (this is my name in case you didn't know) My blog is called Gods Graceful Girls.

  8. Congrats Autumn!!! (on the pencil case)

  9. how delightful... I love it... and that little pocket just makes it that much more lovely!!!
    {{hugs}} auntie