THERE IS ONLY 1 DAYS LEFT FOR YOU TO SEND YOUR ENTRIES IN TO WIN THE CONTEST!!! We are looking forward to tasting some yummy recipes, and reading about your adventures in the kitchen.

Here is just one of my cooking stories:
Okay, so one day as I started making chocolate chip cookies, everything was going great! The cookies were finally out of the oven, cooling on a rack, and smelling delicious! My mom came into the kitchen grabbed a cookie, took a bite, and spit it out! She said Autumn, what the heck did you put in these? I told her just the normal ingredients, but then I remembered the salt portion did seem a little much....I don't know what I was thinking,I put in Tablespoons instead of teaspoons! We both started cracking up and making fun of my salt fiasco. This batch of cookies was a flop, and this is only one of my mistakes!

Here's how it will work:
#1. Email us your favorite recipe. Please include a story(true or fiction)about the recipe(pictures of it ~OR~ of you making it) Be sure to give us the author's name if it is not your own.

#2. Have your entry in by May 10th.

#3. My mom and I will select a winner based on best tasting recipe, originality and best story.

#4. We will feature the winning recipe on our blog, along with their story and pictures.

#5. So HAVE FUN, be creative and have your entry in first!
Send all recipes to: cmr.unlimited@yahoo.com

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  1. can't wait to hear about what you received...
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