Beautiful You!

 Autumn and I recently found this on-line magazine called "Feelin Feminine"! We wanted to share the link with you! In this world, we as women are faced with a false reality when it comes to beauty! That's why,  I was so pleased to come across this article, it is such a great reminder that beauty truly comes from within!

May 11
 Beautiful You: 10 Simple Tips for a More Beautiful You, Columnized in Beautiful You

1. Spread good cheer by smiling often.

2. Instead of adorning your outer person with excessive jewels, adorn your inner person with the priceless gems of a gentle and quiet spirit.

3. Don’t mask the beauty that God has gifted you with by painting your face.

4. Resist the temptation to show off every curve and cranny; dress modestly.

5. A neat and tidy image is far superior to the latest fads and trends. Seek functionality more than fashion.

*Click on this link to read the entire article! http://feelinfeminine.com/?p=4947

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
~Mom & Autumn~

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  1. very cool!!! will have to check out the mag... thanks!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle