We Have a Winner!!!

O.K. Get ready to laugh(we had only one entry)!My mom and I would like to thank everyONE who entered our Contest!! All ONE of you!!! We had so much fun trying out this ONE recipe!!! Congratulations Auntie!

My daughter, Rainee loves doggies... so for years I've tried to make her doggie pancakes... sometimes they turn out great and sometimes they don't... until we got a heart shaped form to make pancakes with... and we turn the heart upsidedown and cut another in half for it's ears... then we add chocolate chips for it's eyes, use some sort of small candy we have hanging around for it's nose and if we have it, we put whip cream or coconut on it's head for a bit of fur... she loves them and I love making the cutest doggie pancakes for her. We love making them together... here is our recipe...

This recipe originated for a Pillsbury cookbook, but I've modified it... I don't like all the fat that goes into pancakes so instead of oil, I put in applesauce to make it healthier for my family... and if I don't have regular apple sauce... I sometimes use what I have... blueberry applesauce cups... and then we have purple-ish pancakes... you can't taste any difference they just look purple... it's a nice change from regular colored pancakes.

Here's the recipe with my modifications:

2 egg
2 C Buttermilk
{But I use 2 Cup Milk with 1Tblsp lemon juice - this make the milk curdle and you make your own 'buttermilk'}
1/4 C Applesauce
1 3/4 C Flour
2 Tbsp Sugar
2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp salt
OPTIONAL: chocolate chips
Recipe makes 16 4" pancakes.

I cut this recipe in half when I making it just for our small family of 3... it always makes enough with batter left over.

Heat pan to medium high heat. In a large bowl put in dry ingredients. In another bowl beat egg, 'buttermilk' and applesauce, then pour into dry ingredients. Stir/beat JUST until the large clump disappear... you want it to be somewhat lumpy, it make the pancakes flufflier... don't know why but it does. Lightly grease pan. Add a few drop of water to see if the pan is hot enough... if they 'dance' it is ready... if they don't the pan isn't hot enough. Pour batter on grill, (put on optional chocolate chips), bake until bubbles form and edges begin to get dry... turn over and bake other side.
Garnish with chocolate chips for eyes, whip cream for fur and something red for a nose... if you're making the doggie pancakes.

Hope you enjoy making these... they really are sooooooooo much better than a box mix... enjoy!!!

Michelle and Rainee

Autumn and Mom

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  1. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... much for choosing our pancake recipe... so happy... so proud... Thank you!!! You made our day!!!

    {{hugs}} Auntie & Rainee