Just for you!!

I decided to make an award of my own, just for you! Here are the people who made my day... (In no particular order)

So all you have to do is...

1.) Post about being awarded this, and award as many or as few friends as you want!

2.) Save this picture to your desktop, and include it in your post.

3.) Answer the following questions...

#1 Do you like to wear hats? No.

#2 Do you live in the north or the south? The South

#3 Blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries? Raspberries

#4 Pearls or Diamonds?  Pearls

#5 Favorite color? Aqua

#6 Plaid, stripes, or polka dots? Plaid

#7 Favorite back round site? Shabby Blogs

#8 Hearts or flowers? Um... this is a hard one, but I'd have to say flowers!

#9 Do you have more then one blog? Not yet!! ;)

#10 What are your favorite hobbies? Let's see, blogging, reading, organizing, talking, shopping, and did I mention blogging?!?

Now it's your turn!! Have fun!



  1. Check out my bloggy blog :)

  2. Hi Autumn, thanks for coming over to my blog! I love your place over here, it's so bright and cheerful! And, I love the award you gave your mom, that is awesome...good work!

    I hope to be back soon.

    Blessings, Traci

  3. very cute!!! {{hugs}} Auntie =)