There are so many beautiful everyday happy things. . . and right here is the perfect place to share those everyday moments and happy things!

Because there are so many creative outlets in our lives... and being creative makes me happy... I thought along with our list of 10 Happy Things... we could share something... anything... we've recently created!

Your creative thing??? It can be anything from a photo...
a card... a layout... something you've baked... sewed... or painted... anything you've created that made you happy...

Share the link to your happy list & your creation... by using the Linky below... just share your blog title & the link that goes directly to your post... it’s easy and it's fun to boot!! 

Here's my happy list & favorite creation for this week...
1 Learning how to become a hamemaker
2 Writing/Receiving letters (hey pen pals, that's a clue!) ;)
3 Shabbat
4 Comments (hey blogger friends, I know you love getting comments too!)
5 Family and Friends
6 Books
7 Pony tail holders (I've been using these a lot lately, my hair is driving me crazy!)
8 Lemonade
9 Smiley faces... ;) :) =D =P 8D :'( :( Don't you?!
10 Supermarkets... (Watch the video, and you'll see what I mean.) ;)

Thanks Auntie Michelle for this great linky idea! Love you!! ;) Shabbat Shalom everybody! How'd you like the song? ;)



  1. ooh!!! I love the song, Autumn! I'm still singing it actually.. ;-) 8th Day is awesome! :-)

    Thanks for sharing!


    Shabbat Shalom!

  2. Love the video! It made my day:) what does Ya'alili mean?lol


  3. @Miss Kelsye...

    Ya'alili means dance! ;) I can't get this song out of my head now, we've listened to it this morning about fifty times already. =P Hugas

  4. thank you sweetie for playing along... I really do appreciate you support... and your list is great especially your video/song... love love love it... like you can't get it out of my head now... ummmmm thanks I think =) have a great weekend!!!
    {{hugs}} auntie

  5. I so have to learn how to broom dance:) That could be a new post: Dedicated Daughter dances to Ya'alili in the local walmart!! Yeah buddy:)


  6. *grinning* I can't count how many times we played that song since we saw it yesterday! Do you know what this song does to you at 10:19 p.m.? :D Mayhap I'm a bit tired, but I'm still loving it!

    Many blessings,