Modesty matters!

 Modesty posts seemed to be popular lately, so I thought I might give my two cents about the matter. :) Here are a few pictures of what I think are modest skirts and shoes...

 Modesty is very important, whichever way you look at it, our clothes describe our personality. So just for an example, if I went out in public wearing a mini skirt, a low cut shirt and heels like this...

 People would get the impression that I am trying to attract some attention here. Hence the described outfit. But if I went out in public wearing a modest skirt (knee length or lower) and a loose, sleeved shirt with ballet flats or something like that, I'm sure everyone would gather that I was someone who cared about what I looked like, and how I conducted myself. Don't you think?

 Modesty is as much an inward thing, as it is an outward thing. If we dress modestly, but our heart is not in it, what's the point? We need to check our hearts often, to make sure dressing modestly is not something we are doing just to make our parents happy! Do you agree? What is your idea of modesty? Please share with me your thoughts on this matter... Because I think, MODESTY MATTERS! :) Don't you?

 Well, Shabbat is here again already! Can you believe how fast the days go by? I'd love to wish whoever reading this a very blessed Sabbath, with much joy and fellowship! As for our family, we will be camping with some friends of ours tomorrow night through the weekend.. That should be fun! :) (As long as the mosquitoes keep away from me...) *Mental note, take along some bug spray, and citronella candles* ;)



  1. Hi Autumn,

    I agree 100% with your post. In fact I just wrote a post about the importance of inward modesty as well as outward modesty. Hope you have a blessed Shabbat:)


  2. Yup-o, I get what you are saying and I am glad you posted about this! I've often thought like you said, a person can dress modestly but be flirting with many boys and acting not appropriately, then what good is the ling skirt?

    Shabbat Shalom!

  3. thanks for your feedback ladies! {{Big Hugs}} ;)

  4. Those high heeled shoes made me crack up... who in their right mind would wear those? :)

    Oh, and I totally agree with your post! Great skirt choices, too, those are all so cute!

  5. totally love the brown shoes... great post!!! totally agree!!!
    {{hugs}} auntie