The Challenge

Autumn really enjoys reading the Feeling Feminie Magazine blog, and she found this article there and want's to encourage everyone to join in!

"The Mission & Petition"
"The mission of the Feelin’ Feminine site is simple and it is our hope to ignite a fire that has long been put out. We hope to rekindle the beauty of dressing and looking feminine. While we will encourage modesty of both inward and outward appearance, this design of this site is not that. We want to show you that being feminine in it’s truest and purest form is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to resent. Feminine is the opposite of masculine, and they are both quite equal but so very different, working together to build and complete the unity of the family."  CLICK ON THE LINK TO READ "THE CHALLENGE!  http://feelinfeminine.com/?page_id=10

Autumn is always trying to encourage me (Mom) to wear dresses, mind you, this is way out of my comfort zone. Not that I don't like them, I just like them better on someone else! She has challenged me to wear only dresses for a week, she thinks it will be great fun, and a great experience!  So in my quest to be the best mom I can be, I accept her challenge!  ~Well, one good thing, it wont be very hard for me to figure out what to wear, you see I don't have a weeks worth of dresses, I'll just be doing more laundry GREAT!!!! Join us, as this mom and daughter seek to be more feminine.


  1. how fun!! {{hugs}} Michelle

  2. We missed out on the challenge while out of town and the encouragement! We loved your selections of clothing :-) Lots of great colors!!