Day 7 of the Challenge

                                My Outfit:
Mom's Outfit:

          Mom's final comment for the week-   I used to wear dresses all the time to work but, now that I am a stay at home mom, it just doesn't seem as practical when I'm scrubbing tubs and digging in the garden. Over all it was a good experience!                               
My final comment- I think I will wear skirts/dresses all the time once I accumulate a few more. The good thing is, I definitely felt more like a lady in a skirt. :)
Thanks so much for checking back!!!


  1. I love that you got through the week... one more day??? right??? I wouldn't have been able to... great job... and I totally agree with 'mom' hard to wear a dress when you have housework and gardening to do... and as for feeling more like a lady... I would have to agree...
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  2. I love that first dress... so lovely! I completely agree–I feel much more lady-like wearing a skirt or dress... and actually putting a tiny bit of effort into picking out an outfit that matches! (Not one of my strong suits.) = )

  3. Anonymous16/7/10

    Hi we miss you, I have skirts or dresses that are old or faded and they are my housework clothes. Now a problem is finding something to wear to the pool or for swimming.
    My girls are wearing skirts/dresses more often. I will have them read this blog. :)
    Shalom, Veronica

  4. Thanks Veronica! How are Kay and Dawn doing? Well thanks for commenting!