A friend recently commented that she has problems finding modest swimwear for herself and daughters. So this post is to help not only her but, any other female that wants to be modest while she swims. Alot of people might ask what we wear swimming, since modesty is a big thing for us. Well, I (Autumn) wear a 1-piece bathing suit under swimming shorts and a t-shirt.  Mom wears a 1-piece bathing suit under a pair of kapris that come down to her ankles. This is definately not as modest as we would like to be, although I would rather not drown from the weight of something heavier.... Ha ha 8D.

Here is a website I found that sells modest swimwear, they look lightweight and comfortable, and they are cute too! (One of the suits from this site is pictured above)  Click on the link for the cute suits: http://www.modestswimwearsolutions.com/ We hope this post is helpful,  and not to late in the season to be useful!

"Have you ever wondered what a woman during the Revolutionary War might wear if she took a swim in the lake? What would a lady of the Civil War don when preparing for a splash in the water? Official clothes for swimming in haven’t been around for that long, really. Let’s take a look at the history of the garment that has sadly shrunk terribly over the years. Before the 1700′s, it was very common for people to swim in their underclothes. An actual outfit just for swimming in hadn’t been considered yet.
But in the 1700s and early 1800′s, women wore"...... Please click on the following link to read the rest of this post: (It's really good!) http://feelinfeminine.com/?p=4265

Below (left) is one of Autumn's favorite "Old Time" swim suit styles:
Above (right) is Mom's pick for cutest swim suit:


  1. I'm not a big swimmer, so when I went modest and threw out all my bikinis I didn't replace them with anything. I'll definitely have to check out this shop so I can have a swimsuit on hand!

  2. We are huge swimmers! We spend most days at the pool. For now, our girls wear a one piece with their matching swim skirt but I will admit that the skirt isn't long enough. Even our boys wear swim tops with their trunks. I've thought about having the girls wear a swim top instead of the bulky t-shirts but yet to actually buy them. One nice thing is that we have a private pool. Thank you for sharing the information Autumn!

  3. Love that swimsuit! I do the same thing, just put on a giant t-shirt and basketball shorts. (:

  4. Oh I love your mom's pick... I sew my girls clothes even their swim clothes (knee length skorts & T-shirt) but oh how cut would it be to have the blue poka-dot swim dress...hum, I think I could make it... I might just do it. Thanks for sharing.